CraftPress + Reeves Design House

Partnership and Friendship

Michael Gilbert and Mark Reeves have been working together for over 20 years.

During that time, they’ve had the opportunity to design and build custom websites for some of the finest clients in the industry, including Nestlé, 3M, Hilton, Alcon, Barclays, and Make-a-Wish, while working at a variety of award-winning marketing agencies. These days, they love working with small and medium-sized businesses across the United States.

They both have a broad range of skills, but Mark typically takes the lead on design and creative direction while Michael concentrates on the technical side of projects.

They both enjoy challenging each other to create high quality, easy-to-maintain, delightfully handcrafted websites and online stores while collaborating with fantastic clients.

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Michael Gilbert is the Owner of CraftPress LLC, a design studio based in Dallas, Texas, specializing in responsive, ecommerce, and multilingual websites, as well as remote consulting services across the world.
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Reeves Design House

Mark Reeves is the Owner of Reeves Design House, a web and graphic design firm based in Dallas, Texas, offering a full list of services across the US, including custom web design, logo, print, and collateral design, as well as social media.
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